May 11th, 2020

abstract butterfly

Shopper on Monday

I decided yesterday to go on-line and order a number of things from our local supermarket Kroger. When I shop in person, I tend to be a small hand-basket shopper. But on-line, I grow more expansive. My wife does more of our shopping in the store.

When I chose the pick-up option some weeks ago, I experienced significant delays at pick-up, a few substitutions, and entire swaths of not particularly rare items being unavailable.  This time I got my things within fifteen minutes of arrival, nothing was unavailable, and a handful of things were substituted with reasonable substitutes.   I remembered to have a gratuity available, which is more of a thing to remember now, as I pay for fewer things in cash.

As I drove off, I thought how things were perhaps calming down a bit. Then the radio announced that the nearby federal prison in Fort Worth, roughly an hour's drive away, had a one day count of over 200 new cases of Covid-19 in its federal prison.

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