May 9th, 2020

abstract butterfly

sandpiper and taco

I went into my office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our office remains mostly work-at-home. I had the place to myself most of the time. We continue to wait before we all come back to the workplace.

My office is in a building next to a pleasant shopping center. The shopping center seems pretty quiet. The governor eased the shelter-in-place, but the people proved a bit more cautious. When i am out in public, I find people in general good about distancing, but not so good about mask use. Despite an awareness of their limitations, I am all about the masks.

I went to Oak Point Park Thursday evening. I parked in the more crowded area, and worried at first that I would have to cut my visit short because some trail closures threatened congregation of folks. But I found sidewalks without people. I kept hearing dickcissels calling out. I looked until I saw a couple of these prairie birds. I think this park is a stopover rather than a Summer home. I know they breed in Parkhill Prairie. Tonight I saw a Spotted Sandpiper by the pond in Glendover Park.

We ate home-made tacos tonight, using a sauce my wife's boss gifted her team. At night, I watched a replay of a Facebook live of a Kevin Kane streamed solo performance. I found it very enjoyable--a man, some good pop songs, a guitar, and a few unconventional tunings.Therfe is something very Canadian about unorthodox but not dissonant open guitar tunings.

I am ready for a weekend.

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