April 2nd, 2020

abstract butterfly

Soldiering on

I rarely post in this time of virus. Yet this time feels like a time that I wish for the old LiveJournal. I miss the heart-felt essays, even if they sometimes came with a hyper-sensitivity.

I work at home each day.  My work advances as it should, and my systems are good overall. I intend to improve them, though. I am glad we worked out a sensible work regime for these times.

I am nearly done with a collection of songs that I created during the covid-19 time. I will decide how many to add before I call it finished.

I read my book, Thor Magnusson's "Sonic Writing", with renewed vigor. I plan to finish it this month.

We saw our friends Lemon and Jack. Lemon is a beagle. Jack is a former airline pilot. They get along with each other very well.

Beatrice soldiers on, though she shows signs of age. I am glad to get to see her at home during the day.

I've also been pleased that home distractions do not affect my work. I prefer the office, but I am making this work.

I'm concerned about the economic hardship this event will cause for a lot of folks.

We saw the movie "1917", which I considered brilliant. We saw "Knives Out" which was pleasant. I fell asleep during the original "Jumanji" lat night.

We walked in the dark tonight. I hoped to see an owl, but my hope went unfulfilled. 

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