March 25th, 2020

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Tuesday of last week, we set up arrangements for switching our office to a work-from-home situation. Monday we arranged the final details. Yesterday, we began working primarily from home, with some provision to go to the office when the need arises. I worked at my laptop at home yesterday quite productively.  I sit at my laptop today.

Yesterday I did not drive my car or go out to any establishment. I did take a walk in Glendover Park by my home in the morning, where so few people were out that I easily kept a good bit of distance. My neighbor down the street and I said "hello" from many feet away, across Landsford Drive. 

After Dallas County to our south issued a fairly strong stay-at-home order, my county, Collin County, issued a fairly weak stay-at-home order that permitted most businesses to stay open. I think the Dallas County order is nearer the mark as things unfold.  

In the late afternoon, after work, I walked from my home to Spirit Park. This walk also proved mostly uneventful, but twice I had to pull off to the side to let people pass to avoid coming into proximity of other people. I will go to less popular parks from now on.

We watched the "This is Us" season finale last night and enjoyed it very well.

I got up this morning and wrote some checks for some family business bills. Then I drove to the post office to mail them, as placing them in my outgoing mail does not always result in efficient pick-up. Afterward, i walked in Allen Station Park for half an hour, and had the southern half of the park to myself. I saw 12 species of birds, and then I headed home. Now I am ready for another day's work.

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abstract butterfly

fixing the desktop

I worked a solid day. Tonight we ate pot roast. I figured out how to solve keyboard lag problem on my operating system's Trinity Desktop. Now it works perfectly. The solution had to do with fixing an accessibility setting, though i am not sure i can duplicate it.

The actor Tim Robbins, on a late night talk show, described delivering a pizza to Kate jackson.

Tomorrow I plan for more work indoors.

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