March 4th, 2020

abstract butterfly

March into March

I read today that March 4th serves a motivational slogan purpose ("March Forth!"). I walked in light rain in Breckinridge Park today at Noon. A flock of Yellow-Rumped Warblers foraged near a sidewalk through some trees.

My wife is getting over a cold. I watched television last night as Senator Biden won surprising primary victories over Senator Sanders. Neither senator served as my first choice. I plan to vote for either senator if that senator becomes the nominee.

I remain busy at work. I got a crown replaced. My sister called me Sunday.  I need to take my nephew an overdue birthday gift. The movie "Van Helsing" came on cable the other day. I saw that movie with another nephew, now late, two weeks before he passed away unexpectedly.

An on-line acquaintance passed her written comp. examination. Friday I saw a Pine Warbler after work at Suncreek Park. I got irritated today with a credit card company. Our dog Beatrice soldiers on, elder years and all.

One of my mentors in my work passed away eight days ago. That promises to serve as its own post, someday.

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