February 19th, 2020

abstract butterfly

putting dreamland in its place

A bit of stress in my life causes me to dream vivid dreams. In last night's dream, I confronted a man with whom I went to high school. He often posts on Facebook with a point-of-view differering from my own. I know that a respectable school of thought dictates never following anyone of patently wrong views (in my opinion). But I attend a different school of thought.  In my dream, I set him straight, a bit like in a movie. But I suspect this dreamland event resonated only in dreamland. I woke up feeling good about it, though.

Chilly rain remains the order of the week. Tonight we watched a PBS Nature episode about stoats and weasels. We liked it very much. Now we watch the Democratic debates. I like almost all the candidates, but feel much less fond of some of the acolytes for the candidates.

Tonight when I drove home, I nearly ran out of gas. I saw my gas gauge said I ran the risk of running out in one mile. I rushed to the station and put in gas.

I like that Beatrice is putting on weight.

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