Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

plastic pineapples

Tonight we went to our friends Scott and Donna's place,and then to the Indian restaurant Clay Pit. To our surprise, Donna and Scott had had the staff place little artificial leis at our place settings, and serve us mango lemonade from a pineapple-shaped pitcher into little pineapple shaped plastic mugs, complete with green tufted tops. What a charming and thoughtful way to honor my wife's recent birthday! Donna had previously given my wife a birthday gift of a plate painted with our family name and our "adopted" coat of arms, a single pineapple on a white field. The supposed "actual" coat of arms for my surname is a blue background with a fesse between three leopards' faces. But in fact, I come from a long line of serfs, farmers and railway workers, so I doubt any three leopard crests stood ground at Agincourt. I'll take the single pineapple on a plain field as the emblem in which we'll ride to battle, our only weapon truth, our only goal to resolve conflict, oh, and find a good latte for my wife.

We had such a wonderful time. The restaurant did a great job, and then we adjourned to their place to discuss politics, religion, music, the fabled gurdonark and scottm collaboration, "Vibrating Electric Fields". As I'd told Scott my favorite song in the whole wide world is an old Be Bop Deluxe song called "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape", he'd borrowed the "Axe Victim" version of it to learn to play it. Unfortunately, he instead learned the adjacent song, "Rocket Cathedrals", which is so wholly dissimilar that as we laughed, I questioned how one could mistake a Chuck Berryesque ditty about rocket cathedrals for a saunter in Yorkshire. Donna pointed out that they test-flew the Concorde in Yorkshire, so it all added up, somehow. Scott and I confirmed again that neiter of us have the range to sing "Helpless", and I tried to change the words to Coldplay's "Yellow" to cover a night eating tandoori. We lingered long over Scott's liner notes to "Vibrating Electric Fields". We make ourselves laugh when we read it, so at least we've shared humour with one another over it. I must figure out how to print on the jewel case inserts, as then I can share this work of maddening badness.

I love having people in our lives with whom we feel completely comfortable. That is the Kingdom of Heaven, the way, the truth, the life, the forgiveness of sin, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

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