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September 3rd, 2019

photos and neon

Labor Day I worked a bit and walked a bit. The heat felt bearable. We watched an episode of Season One of "The Crown." 

I got an email asking for permission to some photos of mine from the MacCaulay Library in a birding identification class in Travis County. I gave my permission (in fact, a Creative Commons license applied already). I went to see what pictures I posted at MacCaulay. I believe these photos got into MacCaulay from postings at ebird.com.

I liked the picture of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, but the Gray Catbird photo failed to catch my fullest fancy.

I read another fifty pages of "Goslings." I hope this begins a streak.

I signed up with iNaturalist.org. I hoped to learn a species name for a particular dragonfly.  I posted other things, too--a Viceroy Butterfly and a Cooper's Hawk, for example. I got back an ID that a dragonfly bears the common name Neon Skimmer.

I accomplished a lot today, but I hope to accomplish more tomorrow. We ate shrimp for dinner.

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