August 25th, 2019

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Inner Tube Blues

Last week I met with a young man related to our family's outside accountant. I gave him some advice about the job market. He stands near the beginning of his career. His university degree in a liberal arts subject included an award of "special honors." His few years after his degree featured some gig work for a technical company doing contract compliance and fraud detection work.  He moved back to Texas and seeks a permant position.

Over a lunch at Gloria's, I discussed with him a number of career ideas that I felt useful to expand his search net. My observation leads me to conclude that employers value folks who read well and write well. I remember being in my twenties, and searching for a position just after my degree. The thing I needed most then amounted to confidence and imagination. I ultimately went to law school, which proved the right choice for me, after turning down a newspaper reporter job, and failing to win a safety engineer job. I went to law school in preference to a technical writing Master's program and a couple of English master's degree assistantship programs (also geared in goal if not in specific program to technical writing). Then I lacked a full appreciation for the width of the job market, in a time when the job market worked in more narrow furrows than now. So I tried to impart some of my current ideas of the breadth of our Dallas-Fort Worth current job market. The meeting went well.

I liked the young man with whom I met. I remember the feeling of being in that place in my career. Even on short acquaintance, I believe he possesses the potential to come out absolutely fine.

Friday night we went to Jason's Deli where I had a fruit cup and Southwest chicken chili. I  drafted a rewrite of the young man's resume. I like resumes that use substantial components of the chronological traditional resume, with only mild tinges of descriptive material. But for his resume, I went with an orientation toward a functional, skills-descriptive resume. I lack any strong feeling that my effort reflects "the resume." . My goal in the redraft sought to show possibilities rather than dictate an answer.

Saturday morning I took Beatrice for a walk. She chose the path by the elementary school rather than circling the park pond. She still enjoys a walk, even if she punctuates the length of her walks a bit differently over timeIn the afternoon, I rode my mountain bicycle to Green Park and back. I intended to ride my green Scattante comfort bicycle. But the back tire exhibited an unwillingness to hold air. I plan to replace its inner tube. I lack much skill at working on bicycles. The Performance Bicycle outlet near me, where I got the bicycle some years ago,  closed as part of the bankruptcy of its corporate chain. My options for repair include doing it myself and taking it to the bicycle shop in Garland. I hold a vague memory as well of reading of a mobile bicycle repair vehicle.

The mountain bicycle rode well. It feels a little faster than the Scattante: faint praise. My phone appication assured me that I rode something in the range of three and a half mails, at at speed of three miles an hour. My time riding in the park no doubt slows my pace.  In the afternoon, I reviewed some contractual materials regarding a family matter picking how to sell a thing I'll refer to as 701 to one of two buyers. I hope I selected and select the right way of handling this routine matter.

I got a curious call from a representative where we keep our respective retirement accounts, mentioning that at least one account lacked a death beneficiary. I went on-line and implemented a remedy, though it troubles me that I feel positive we already told the company involved this same information, which perhaps failed in implementation.

We went to dinner at Firewater Grill, where I ate a tomato basil flatbread.  My wife discussed the playlist of his restaurant with the owner. The restaurant sound seems geared to our generation--lots of Steely Dan, late Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and similar 1970s sleek pop and rock. He said he chose his playlist on purpose to address his hoped-for cilentele. I feel demographically identified, and perhaps that turns out not to be a bad thing.

I telephoned my sister via Facebook messenger and wished her a happy 55th birthday. She moved with her family to Oklahoma, near the Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas borders, for her husband to take a good job near where he grew up. Her resilience impresses me. They moved from northern Alabama, where she maintained business contacts in nearby Nashville. Now she builds new contacts. But she sounds reasonably undaunted.

We watched an episode of the show The Crown. I find Claire Foy convincing in her role, though in the event I suspect Queen Elizabeth said and did completely different things. I experimented with making music using the software Lauki, Noiser and Loomer Cumulus. this marked my first installation of Loomer Cumulus, which runs well on WINE.  Like the Audiobulb Ambient software and the Mummat software, it allows the user to employ offbeat granular and phase effects to transform sound. It came on a DVD of an issue of Computer Music. I enjoyed myself, but the resulting recording requires repression.


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