July 31st, 2019

abstract butterfly

driving and walking

Tuesday morning I had business in Austin. I hit the road a bit before Noon to drive back to my office in Garland.  This drive took roughly four hours. On my return to my office, I got some things done. Then I headed home.

Tuesday evening I walked in Glendover Park and in the rest of my neighborhood .I was intrigued by a trio of young Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers in the tall tree next to Exchange.

I received an email containing the ebook I had ordered on Thursday. The small press offered an extra one in compensation, but I did not feel the small error involved required that much free merchandise. I knocked out the first 30-some-odd pages of this 90-some-odd page book. I am reading Roy Bayfield's non-fiction remembrance "Performance Cleaner", about the experience of being a cleaner in an avant-garde club in Brighton in the 1980s.

I like that the internet affords the chance to fact-check live. A reference to the pin-up Samantha Fox affords me a chance to run a search engine search to remember what little I knew about Ms. Fox. Similarly, the wikpedia entry on Brighton leads me to discussions of ancient churches and 250 small cafes.

I watched part of the second Democratic debate last night. I was comforted by the number of good candidates. I noted without being impressed with how much of a primary debate consists of seeking to resonate with the "base" Democratic voter.

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abstract butterfly

Biochemical recipe blue domino

Tonight I made reservations for one of our nieces to come visit in August. that will be fun. At lunch today, we took our Summer intern to Gloria's for a farewell luncheon. I had the bowl of chicken soup. Our intern starts university in San Antonio in a few weeks.  Our firm accountant and I described registering for classes in our respective uni days. Each class had its own computer card to add to the stack. Our intern asked 'What is a computer card?"  Earlier, I showed her a floppy disk and explained what it was and how it worked.

Today I realized that during the first nine years of my law practice, the portable document format (.pdf) did not exist.

After work, I walked in A.R. Schell Park. I saw 10 species of bird. Late July, August and early September tend to be quieter for birding, but I love walking there anyway.  I like immature Eastern Bluebirds

Yesterday I stopped by the domino outlet store in central Texas. I like the sale shelf. I prefer domino sets with feed store and farm logos for departed enterprises. But I settled for a bargain set with the logo of an aviation consulting company.

I watched the Democratic debate for the second night in a row. I liked the debaters.  I remain undecided on my favorite.

We are watching a special about the Voyager satellite. I love the idea of possible life on Enceladus.

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