July 25th, 2019

abstract butterfly

ordering ebooks

I am pleasantly busy at work. Yesterday I walked after work in Allen Station Park. I took video of a young Cooper's Hawk on a bare branch in a distant tree. This morning I finished the novella "The Undefeated" by Dr. Una McCormack. I found it a good read. I find the space opera novella a pleasant way to spend a day or three.

I ordered my next intended read, Roy Baysfield's "Performance Cleaner".  The website from which I purchased it offers the necessary DRM-free ebooks. But the delivery of the ebook is not instantaneous, but depends on a later email enclosing a link. I am amused that the lack of instant gratication in the form of instant ebook delivery concerns me a bit.  In the age prior to ebooks, and in the current age when an eBay purchase is made, the wait for the mails was/is not concerning, but actually slightly pleasurable, a deferred joy.

I've grown accustomed to flavoring my water lately.   This has helped me reduce my consumption of plastic bottles storing soft drinks. I also have managed to switch to using a Hyundai shopping bag I got at the Dallas Auto Show for a shopping bag to use fewer throwaway plastic bags. Now if I can get a higher MPG car next time, I will approach a trifecta of tiny reforms.  My current car, by the way, is at 146,000 miles, so perhaps I will come closer to 160,000, my goal, before switching vehicles.

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abstract butterfly

Bring Me the Corn!

I put on my business suit this morning and got an early start. I stopped at the Watters Branch Trail and walked about for a few moments. I saw 7 bird species. I got a photo of a Cottontail Rabbit that I liked.

I left my office at Noon to drive up to McKinney for a work matter. I stopped at a Tex/Mex place called Blue Goose Cantina. I worried that I faced a bit of time pressure to make it to my 1:30 p.m. meeting. I ordered a tortilla soup and salad. I cast an imaginary side glance when my "salad" turned out to be a bit of lettuce and cheese in a taco shell, but I soon liberated the lettuce. It all worked out fine, as I made it to McKinney in good order.

I threw Beatrice's toy collection, to her delight. She preferred the chipmunk ("Bring Me Chippie!") and the anthromorphic stuffed ear of corn ("Bring Me The Corn!").  I got catfish for dinner at Chicken Express after my wife called to say she wanted to have dinner with co-workers. I walked this evening in Glendover Park. A passerby handed me an evangelical brochure for veganism.

I spoke with the fellow who occupies a different role in a long-standing business matter of mine. I explained to him that someone I know on social media had recommended a podcast. When I went to look into the podcast, it turned out to be the podcast of his two writer daughters, one of whom lives in New York and one of whom lives in Los Angeles.  I could tell he enjoyed hearing about this kind of near-random ethereal social media connection.

I wrote an email to the folks at the Destination Linux podcast to thank them for their efforts. Tonight I installed the newest version of FMS Logo on my laptop. FMS Logo is a Windows program, though it is a Windows program licensed GPL v2, and hence "free and open". I run it in WINE, and it works like a charm. I use it for straightforward string art creation.

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