July 21st, 2019

abstract butterfly

Slice, Hook Explained

Saturday morning I walked on the Cottonwood Creek Trail, starting from and returning to Allen Station Park. I went all the way to the Cinemark Theater before I retraced my steps. I saw 10 species of bird.  I re-watched a bit of the film "Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindewald".  Saturday evening we met our friends Scott and Donna at the local Top Golf. We played two games at this target-shoot driving range.

I had looked forward to playing TopGolf for the second time, because a few months ago I had enjoyed playing and felt I was getting the hang of it. This time, I did okay, but my skills regressed. I sliced and hooked balls all over the course. Among our foursome, my wife won one game and Donna won the second game. But we all did okay. We all enjoyed speaking with one another  We speculated on who will be the Democratic Party's candidate for president. I have not chosen a favorite, though I have some I like better than others.

Sunday I walked on the Watters Branch Trail. I went to Weight Watchers. My weight was up. My wife and I went to church. We like the new pastor. She gave a sermon about loneliness.

We ate lunch at Mom's Cafe. I ate the grilled catfish, beef vegetable soup, navy beans and green beans.

In the afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park and in Green Park. We watched episode 3 of the current season of Grantchester.

Today I finished Eleanor Anstruther's novel "A Perfect Explanation". This novel took a few months for me to read.  I found it a very good novel, which despite my slow pace through it held my attention.

Tonight I purchased the ebook for the science fiction novel "The Undefeated" by Una McCormack.

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