June 28th, 2019

abstract butterfly

bathing cardinal

My wife called me after work to tell me that she was working late, getting a deadline met. She suggested I grab my own dinner. I extended the walk I was taking at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve in Plano.

The walk had already been a good one. I had seen a large Green Anole Lizard, which puffed out its puffed chest-portion. I got some nice video of a Northern Cardinal bathing. I saw a cute rabbit resting on a trail.

After my call with my wife was over, I walked a bit further. I heard two birds singing. One was a Northern Cardinal. One was a Painted Bunting. I looked up in some nearby trees, and saw each.  I am not as good with identifying birds by song as I am by eye. But some songs I recognize.

I went to TianAnMien Wok in Allen. I like this small, very casual cafe. I ordered my usual chicken and broccoli, with hot-and-sour soup. My fortune cookie told me it is a good time to take a trip, and that I should take a vacation. Those were my own feelings exactly.

I stopped by Kroger and got some bananas, some wild bird seed, and some low-fat, part-skim string cheese. I get the string cheese with only 45 to 50 calories a stick. Such bowdlerized cheese probably is not satisfying to those who love cheese. But I am not one of those who love cheese, so this mild and adulterated product tastes good to me.

My wife arrived home. I threw Beatrice's toy. She had a great time. I am watching the second Harry Potter movie.

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