April 27th, 2019

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bus ride to the library

Thursday night I spent time on the phone with a healthful representative of Ting.com. My hotspot stopped working, showing both "no battery" and "SIM card" issues. I have only had the hotspot for a little less than 2 years, so I hope I can get it revived. But that first call, while helpful and not annoying, did not solve the issue.

Friday I caught the 6 a.m. Vonlane bus to Austin, a wise way of travel that nonetheless involved getting up at 4 a.m. When we arrived in Austin, I walked over to the new central library. The tables there, suitably wired for laptops, proved ideal for me to get a bit of work done prior to my meeting. I then walked over to my 11 a.m. meeting.  This lasted, including a break for lunch at that downtown place whose name escapes me that serves giant pork chops, until 3:30. Then I went back to the iibrary and got some more work done. In the early evening, I walked back to the Hyatt Regency hotel just across Lady Bird Lake, where the return bus was to pick me up.

I spoke by telephone with my former law partner, who retired last year. He's a really good fellow I also spoke with my sister, who has been doing things helpful to our family. I caught my 8 p..m bus back to Dallas. That bus ride was uneventful,though it was delayed by a highway accident. I read things of little importance that were posted on the internet as we rode.

This fine Saturday morning I wrote out checks and addressed envelopes to pay 2 family business bills. Then I must take Beatrice to an 8 a.m. appointment with her medical professional.

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abstract butterfly

Prothonotary April

Beatrice received a glowing review from the kind veterinarian bright and early this morning. We headed to the post office, where I mailed my paid bills. I took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park,which she enjoyed. I watched part of the Daytripper television program, which covered the local Texas town of Frisco.

I arrived at the Heard Natural Science Center at 10:30 a.m. I walked on the Wood Duck Trail. In a two and one-half hours walk I saw three Prothonotary Warblers, two Indigo Buntings and two Anhingas--my first sighting of each of these birds this year. I saw another woman walking the wetlands boardwalk with a much better camera than mine.

As we both watched one of the Prothonotary Warblers, she said she hoped I'd gotten a good shot. I told her that I had several, but was looking for one that I loved. In fact, I got some pretty good ones. Some young men from Austin College were fixing parts of the boardwalk. Several adults with small girls were in a kind of informal touring group.

I ate a catfish lunch at Chicken Express. I had a few phone calls with my sister, who was getting things done but for reasons not of her making also having a very stressful day. I sympathized.  I emailed some paperwork to my brother and my sister. 

My wife and I went for dinner at Silver Thai. I had a spicy bahmee soup. She had a garden chicken. Afterward, we sat on our small patio and listened to a live radio broadcast from the University of North Texas radio station playing acts perfoming live during the Denton jazz festival.

My favorite piece was an unlikely jazz re-write of Rush's song "Tom Sawyer". We planned for a July vacation. Then we settled in to watch a British mystery show on PBS. I listened to pieces by Harry Budd, Harry Partch, Roger Eno and Robin Guthrie through headphones. I am looking forward to buying my friend C. Reider's latest album. Tomorrow I must travel for work again--I picked up a very reasonably-priced hotel on Priceline,com for the trip.

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