April 22nd, 2019

abstract butterfly

font and roll

Saturday morning I got up reasonably early. I drove to Limestone Quarry Park. I took a two hour walk, listening to podcasts through headphones and watching the birds. I saw some 20 species of bird. I logged in my first Cliff Swallow of the year.

I ate a grilled chicken sandwich and a large chili at the Wendy's on McDermott. The young woman behind the counter got a bit behind, and her manager stepped in and got orders handled. I like the kind of manager who rolls up her sleeves when work needs to be done.

Saturday afternoon I walked Beatrice. Though the temperature was pleasant, the sun was a bit bright for her taste. Saturday night we went to Shiawase, the sushi restaurant just off the Sam Rayburn tollway, near the movie theater. I got a tuna roll and a salmon roll, along with a bit of Spanish mackerel roll and miso soup. We split an edamame. My wife got a huge dragon roll.

Sunday morning we got up fairly early. We went to the 7 a.m. Easter sunrise service at Suncreek United Methodist Church. The opening hymn was "Morning is Broken", accompanied by a single guitar.  Pastor Milton Guterriez gave the sermon, which was excellent. We first heard Pastor Milton speak over a decade ago.  He was one reason we joined our current church, First UMC, though it turned out he retired immediately after that service. When he un-retired a bit later, he went to Suncreek. 

This sunrise service featured a "remembrance of baptism" ceremony. We went outside at the end, to the baptimal font. This font was built in honor of  the late Reverend Kathleen Baskin Ball. She was the first woman in the North Texas conference to enter seminary directly from college, rather than as a second career. We heard her speak a number of times. She helped double the size of three congregations. Unfortunately, she contracted cancer, and died at the age of 50.  The baptismal font was built in her honor. Cancer is merciless.

After church, we ate breakfast at the new-ish egg place on McDermott by the Kroger. Then we headed home. I took a walk in Allen Station Park for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon, I read my ebook. I took a bicycle ride to nearby Green Park, where I took photos of House Finches. My wife made a fine Easter meal. Then we watched a Motown tribute special, which was pretty good, but which I watched all the way through when I probably would have done better leaving at 2/3rds through. I fell asleep before the angel food cake and strawberries was served.

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