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February 22nd, 2019


Today the temperature proved a bit chilly, but not truly cold. A steady, light rain fell. I walked to Potbelly, where I ordered a TKY sandwich and baked chips.

Tonight we met at the Whole Foods in Richardson, where we are pizza by the slice. Then we drove to the Eisemann Center. We had tickets to the Arlo Guthrie concert.  Our seats were in the loge.

The concert was very good, from the opening "Motorcycle Song", complete with a claymation animation, to the closing "This Land is Your Land".
The back-to-back of "Alice's Restaurant" and of "City of New Orleans" was very good. The less familiar material, including a set of songs by his youngest daughter, was also just grand. The audience gave a standing ovation. It was a good show. Arlo Guthrie was a showman.

Today marks 17 years since i began this weblog. I miss the days of long weblog posts among hundreds of friends. I am glad to enter year 18 on a good note.

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