February 8th, 2019

abstract butterfly

The Week with the Cold

On Thursday the 31st I began to get sick. I had had a bit of a cough on Wednesday. By Friday morning I felt really poorly.  I made a doctor's appointment for Monday.

Saturday and Sunday I spent in bed. Mutlpte Harry Potter movies played on television. My wife also got sick.  Sunday I did not leave the house.
Saturday I did get walk in around the pond. The weather on Saturday and Sunday was Summer-like, so being cooped up indoors was non-ideal but necessary..

Monday, the doctor proclaimed me either over a mild flu or a cold. He said to work from home through Tuesday. They tested for flu, just to know.  was negative for the flu.

I returned to the office Wednesday.  It was good to get things done. Today the temperature is below freezing, with a substantial wind chill. I would prefer warmer weather. But I am glad to be mostly better.

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