January 20th, 2019

abstract butterfly

cold but windless

So many times in north Texas the better predictor is not "tell me the temperature" but instead "tell me about the wind speed." Saturday had been a goodish bit above freezing, but felt nightmarish because of winds over 32 kilometers/hour. Today the weather was a bit below freezing at morning's outset, but very pleasant due to calmer winds.

I walked first thing in the morning om the Hoblitzelle Trail. I was down 4/10ths of a pound at my WW meeting. After WW, I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano. Then I attended church. In the afternoon, I read the book I am very much enjoying, Edward Thomas' "Beautiful Wales."  He appears to subscribe to my own view that famous attractions are less important than the experience of a less touristy but more authentic bit of unnoticed countryside.

I walked in Glendover Park and Green Park in the afternoon. I listened to the NFC football playoff game on a portable radio as  I walked in Green Park. We dined tonight on home-made pizza, and watched "Victoria" on PBS.

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