December 28th, 2018

abstract butterfly

many nanny returns

Thursday before work I walked in the shopping center right beside the building where I office. I saw American Crows atop the roofs calling out. At lunch, I walked around the baseball field in Heritage Park.  Then I went to Church's. After work, my wife had planned to go to a movie with a former co-worker. I picked up things to make for dinner--a chayote squash, a red potato, and half a pound of eye of sirloin round steak.

When I arrived home, my wife was there. Her friend had begged off due to illness. We decided that we would each take care of our own meals. I boiled water in the hotpot, and cut my meal into little pieces to cook and eat. I enjoyed this simple meal. An episode of Doctor Who played in which some villain claimed to be Satan.

This morning I walked in the cold at Shawnee Park in Plano on my way to work.   I saw 16 different bird species, and took pictures of an Eastern Bluebird. I worked a solid day, but allowed myself to leave at 4.30 p.m. Tonight my wife and I went to see "Mary Poppins Returns". We liked it very much. I like that Emily Blunt (and the movie in general) did not merely re-do or even purely homage Julie Andrews and the original movie. On the other hand, P.L. Travers, who disliked the original movie, would roll over in her grave yet again over the sequel. But I would see it again, and no doubt will, when it arrives on cable.

Cold weather holds sway. It's just a few degrees above freezing each day.

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