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November 27th, 2018

hopeful travel

Yesterday a cold wind blew. We were far south of the near-blizzard conditions, so we got no rain or snow. But we got a good bit of chill. I liked the fortune cookie fortune that I read: "It is sometimes better to travel hopefully than to arrive". The sunset yesterday was at 5:20 p.m. I read when the local "A Christmas Carol" had its remaining performances. This morning I read a science fiction short story about an alien invasion, told from the eyes of a kind of survival therapist for the remaining Earth children, David Erik Nelson's "The Sharing Place". I watched "Manifest" last night, which covered a lot of ground in its Fall finale. I am amused that now even short season break episodes are "finales".

Work is sufficiently busy.  I have some family chores to accomplish. Among many more business-y things, I need to take Beatrice to the vet. She seems to have a mild ear infection, as she gets once in a while. I am glad the Barnes & Noble bookstore across the street from my office finally stocks all its registers, perhaps due to the impending holiday season.

The milk I used for my breakfast cereal had that woodsy taste of near-sour milk. Fortunately, a new container was handy, and the damage to my psyche was slight if instantaneous.

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