November 20th, 2018

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cold and song-y

Saturday evening I went with our friends Scott and Donna to see the movie "The Green Book". I liked the film very much. It exceeded my expectations. My wife had to stay at home, because she was a touch under the weather, but we decided that I should go as it was Scott's birthday.  After the movie we went to Fishmonger's Cafe, where they squeezed us in just as the kitchen was about to close for the night.

Sunday the weather turned cold and windy. I walked in Glendover Park, Shawnee Park, and on the Chisholm Trail. I uploaded my song "A Series of Smooth and Orderly Transitions (featuring Onlymeith)" to I listened to 20 or so other songs and wrote brief reviews to each.

Monday work went pretty well. I bought bananas on the way home. At lunch, I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve. The birds were active at Noon, because the weather had warmed after a very chilly morning.

My wife got up early this morning to catch a plane to Kansas City. I travel tomorrow. I want to get a couple of things done today and tomorrow before I head north.

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abstract butterfly

shows I watch

In late November the backyard feeder population changes a bit. Under the feeder, Dark-Eyed Juncos and Mourning Doves forage. In addition to the House Sparrows at the feeder, Northern Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Blue Jays and the occasional Great-Tailed Grackle or American Crow show up.

This morning my work computer proved a bit sluggish. First it took inordinate time updating Firefox add-ons. Then it spent 20 minutes on a Wndows 7 update.  One thing I like about my laptop at home is that the Q4OS linux set-up updates (from the Debian stable repositories) without hassle or undue delay. I just pull up the command line, type in the command to update, and then type in the command to install upgrades. Voila.

I wanted to get my hair cut tonight, but at my favorite chain place the one person on duty was involved in a 45 minute task working on someone's nails. Perhaps I'll get my hair cut tomorrow in Kansas City, or just wait until after the holiday.

This morning I listened to two more ccMixter secret mixter songs, and wrote reviews. I have 5 more songs to hear to have listened to all 33 posted on Sunday.

At lunch, I ate 3 soft chicken tacos. The man behind the counter accidentally wrote soft beef tacos. But the woman making the order knew I like chicken tacos and double-checked with me. The same young man often waits on me as he runs the cash register. I tried to look at his name tag today because I do not know a name for him. But I did not see it, and it felt weird to be seen staring at a name tag. 

I also walked in small Travis Farm Park in Murphy. This is the little park in which an open field surrounds a picnic table in a pavilion, with a little playground next to it. There are a few trees and shrubs and trees bordering the property. I am still heartbroken because the open field next door is being converted into a residential neighborhood. I thought it would ruin the little farm park, but the park is still lively. I like that a seemingly drab little place can be an oasis.

I am over-eating a bit. I stay within my WW points, but my intake is a little up. I also wonder if I log fewer steps because my Google Fit app seems to count 20 percent fewer steps for the same effort, or because I am actually taking fewer steps. My weight is still within the range that my doctor set for me. Thanksgiving is usually an easy holiday for me. I hope it proves easy again this year.

I had a telephone call that I had been procrastinating having. It went well. I got an email I was glad to get about a family business matter.
I must answer it tomorrow.

When I throw Beatrice's toy now, the toy thrown is a blue monkey with a long thin torso. I got it for a dollar at Dollar Tree some months ago.

I am looking forward to going north soon. I like my wife's relatives who are, I suppose, after 28 years, my relatives as well. So many I see every year or every two or every few years. The toddler of a few years ago may be this year's  French/English bi-lingual kindergartner.

I packed tonight with more clothes than I will need. I looked up podcasts on the internet that use my music, and found some I had not found before. I watched the television shows "NCIS", "This is Us" and "New Amsterdam".

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