September 18th, 2018

abstract butterfly

scrambled eggs and family

Sunday I got up and walked in little Green Park in Allen. At my Weight Watchers meeting, I noticed that the desk attendant during my weigh-in did not log my weight into the little booklet provided for that purpose. She remedied the matter, but said my smartphone application should show it. I told her that it never had, which led her to make entries into the computer to activate the sync. Now I have my historical weights on a weekly basis going back some years. I like having data points. I see that I have been fairly steady the past three years.

Sunday afternoon I worked a bit and watched sports. At 6 p.m. I drove to Uncle Julio's restaurant in Allen. I met with my brother and with my first cousin John and his wife Barbara. They live in Tallahassee.  They were driving to Montana to see their son Cory.  I like them very much--they are nice people. It was good to catch up.

Monday I tried the new Waffle House near my work for lunch. I walked after work in Glendover Park. I am about to hit a very busy patch at work, after a somewhat busy patch.

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abstract butterfly

railway station

Tonight below the moon, down and to the left, the planet Mars shone red.

I walked in Allen Station Park .  We ate salmon for dinner. We watched a documentary about Harper Lee.

I saw a wren in the back yard. The birds prefer the "songbird mix" to the smaller seeds I am currently using.

This morning I happened upon one of my favorite poems, Edward Thomas' "Adlestrop" .  I resolved to read more of his work once I finish William Dean Howells' "Their Wedding Journey".

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice