August 24th, 2018

abstract butterfly

The meme of listing places I have lived

San Antonio, Texas (birthplace/
Amarillo, Texas
Sparkman, Arkansas
Gurdon, Arkansas (11 years)
Camden, Arkansas (graduated high school)
Fayetteville, Arkansas (graduated college)
London, England (10 weeks--may not count)
Little Rock, Arkansas (law school)
Dallas, Texas
Mesquite, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Montrose, California
La Crescenta, California
Plano, Texas
Allen, Texas (16 years)

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abstract butterfly

mel and kite

I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday. She is five years my junior. She runs a variety of ventures that are more or less promotional strategy for authors. She always has interesting things going on.

After work I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. I got a good view of a Mississippi Kite on a tree. I love those graceful insectivore raptors. But the nearby coterie of American Crows found the kite less to their liking. Eventually they appointed one of their number to go and ask the kite to leave.  Unlike larger raptors, the kite flies more gracefully than does a crow. So it was a pretty down-to-earth commutation and flyaway.

We went to Firewater Grill for dinner. I usually get a steak, but tonight I got flatbread. It was good. I watched a James Belushi film about a German Shepherd police dog. Mel Harris played the love interest. I remember when she was on the show thirtysomething.

I have an active weekend ahead of mixing rest, fun and getting work done.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice