August 19th, 2018

abstract butterfly

Adios Frijoles

Friday evening we went to Vision Works to pick up my new glasses. I am pleased with them. I find non-wire-frames much more comfortable.

Saturday I woke up a bit later than I intended to wake up. I took Beatrice for a walk at 9:35 a.m. The day was on the warmish side for her walks. I try to shield her from days below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and days above 85 degrees Fahreheit. It must have been near the upper range.

Boys of twelve or so were practicing football.  Their families were on "the sidelines". Some kids came up and asked to pet Beatrice. I 
told them to be gentle. The kiss were very gentle--the one little boy of 2 or less was so delighted to pet her. A young girl of 6 or so told me about her 4 dogs, 2 now deceased. Two cute girls in little dresses had seemed so fond of Beatrice, but found the idea of petting her mind-boggling.

In the late morning, I walked in story Park. I had hoped to take photographs of butterflies in the section of that park called Pat's Garden, which was all abloom with flowers. But no butterflies were to be seen. I contented myself instead with watching and listing birds. I ate a lunch of grilled chicken at KFC.

In the afternoon, I worked on family business and listened to legal education seminars for my annual mandatory continuing legal education requirements.  In the early evening, we drove to my wife's work so that she could pick up a laptop. A storm blew up as we drove. When she had gotten her laptop, we headed back north from Richardson to Plano.  We headed over to Alma Drive. North of Plano Parkway and south of Parker Road, we found trees and braches were down.  It looked as if straight-line winds had hit this area, with devastating results. Fortunately, the llamas on the Hagerman Farm fields were unaffected and non-chalant.

We went to Holy Frijoles near our home in Allen, our favorite Tex-Mex place, for dinner. We found to our dismay a notice from its landlord on the door. The business had gone out of business. We were sad to hear this news, and we liked the people who ran this place very well. We went to the new Mexican place near our home, where I had shrimp enchiladas.  The rain fell.

we had planned to see the movie Christopher Robin but we changed our plan. We spent a quiet evening at home.

Sunday I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Rainier Drive in Plano. Here, too, many trees were down. I was nearly the same weight at Weight Watchers. I walked in Shawnee Park prior to church. After church, I skipped the ground-breaking on the new church addition. I ate lunch, and then went home and listened to another legal seminar. In the late afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park. I saw two Yellow Warblers, signs that the migration is already underway, even in August.

I wanted to go to the Allen Outlet Mall to see about some shoes, but the traffic there was too thick to permit me to park. I went to a J.C. Penney and looked there instead. Then I picked us up El Pollo Loco and called it a day. My wife and I  walked again in the park, and the week gently came to a pleasant beginning.

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