July 14th, 2018

abstract butterfly

work day and a crowd

I worked most of today at my office. I did have a nice lunch at Panda Express and get a walk in at Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. I also stopped in the Office Depot to look at a new office chair. I found one on sale, but we'll see if we go that way.

This evening I walked at the Trail at the Woods in Allen and in the Connemara Meadow.

Tonight we went to Thai Pan down the street for dinner. A huge party of 30 or so was having dinner, resulting in too much noise. But my chicken with oyster sauce was great.

Last night we went to Rockfish Grill. I had 12 shrimp, a corn-on-the-cob and a single new potato. It was a good meal, served plain.

Beatrice was energetic both this morning and this evening about playing toy-toss. She is a toy-tossing kind of dog.

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