July 12th, 2018

abstract butterfly

pizza and Renault

I love a Summer rain. Large drops fell on Garland this afternoon.  A co-worker showed me a satellite image depicting rain just missing her town. By evening's end, I'm pretty sure her town had rain.

I walked in the sprinkling weather this evening. We are watching "Shetland" on PBS. 

We had home-made pizza tonight. It was great--Canadian bacon and light bits of cheese on dough.

The Mallard ducks and the American Coot still have not returned to our park pond.

Wednesday I dreamed that my brother and I were in Los Angeles. I misplaced my rental car in an alley behind on of those old small houses with  hint of Mediterranean in the Hollywood foothills. I found a 6 wheeled greern all-terrain vehicle. In the dream my brother, a car buff, advised me that Renault had lent him the vehicle.

I followed social media to see if an on-line friend got through a medical thing in good order.

At Noon my partner and I went to Breckinridge Park and took new photos for the website. I liked the images of standing in a leafy, shady area in business suits.

The president of our nation made odd nativist statements to an odd pulpy English newspaper. The Sun and President Trump perhaps deserve each other--but the rest of us deserve better.

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