July 1st, 2018

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infinity and avocado tostadas

Friday evening we went to Silver Thai. It's our "go to" Thai place, but we had not been there for months. I had the spicy bahmee big bowl soup with monsoon rolls.

Saturday a bad dream woke me at 3 in the morning. In the dream, the late actor Larry Hagman, looking like his late-in-life television portrayal of J.R. Ewing, aimed a shotgun at me.  This dream probably had a source in waking life.  The news disclosed the tragic news that a Baltimore community newspaper's employees were shot by a man with a shotgun. The man held a grudge against the newspaper for accurately reporting the man's legal troubles for being a harasser.  This shooting hit home, because the visual of him shooting through an office door seemed so
sadly relatable.

I suffered from a bit of insomnia after I woke up Saturday due to my dream. I got up at 7 and walked Beatrice. It was good to get out before the heat came up. She enjoyed the walk. For the second weekend in a row, neither Mallards nor the American Coot were at Glendover Pond. I hope they are well and happy at the nearby Twin Creeks duck pond.

In the late morning, I walked at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I originally intended to go further afield, but some inner promptling suggested I go to this familiar park instead. I had a good walk. I listened to the Music Manumit podcast, which had an interview with Creative Commons musician Westy Reflector.  I saw 18 species of bird. The most memorable were young Green Herons.

I had two chicken legs from Chicken Express for lunch. Then I went to Classic Cuts at Alma and Spring Creek in Plano for a haircut. On the way, I stopped and re-calculated a work deadline. I reached the same answer I had when first calculated that deadline.

The woman cutting my hair said it had been a while since i had been in. She said the last time I had been in, she and I discussed bitcoin. I generally have a skeptical view of cyber-currencies, so I am surprised to have discussed one with her, but she is probably right that I did. She did a good job cutting my hair. I like chain haircut places because one can tip liberally given the low haircut price and ensure one's hair-cutter gets sufficiently paid.

In the late afternoon, I rode the short bicycle ride to Green Park. I walked there for 45 minutes, seeing 8 species. I took pictures of Blue Jays. We ate Mexican food at Papa Lopez in Allen. Our waitstaff help was great. I enjoyed my chicken enchiladas, while my wife enjoyed her chicken and avocado (one of each) tostadas.

We drove to the movie theater in McKinney to see the film Avengers: Infinity War. I liked the movie quite well, but I disliked that although the film weighed in at 149 minutes, it did not wrap up its story. I like movies, and in particular long movies, to resolve their stories.
I suppose that Lord of the Rings, like Little Dorrit, should have been a single 12 hour film if I apply that logic liberally.

At home, I watched part of a rerun of the Vicar of Dibley and went to sleep.

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abstract butterfly

uruguay, audie, place names, flat, and pasta

Someday I will give up being a fan of American football, with its sordid brain damage/concussion history, and become a full-time soccer fan. I watched a fair bit of the World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay yesterday. I liked that both teams played solid, defensive games. I also liked that Uruguay won. I've always wanted to visit Uruguay. I still like the strategy and scoring of American football more than that of football, though.

Yesterday I also saw a large-ish bit of the movie "The Red Badge of Courage". Its star, Audie Murphy, is a northeast Texas local, from towns about an hour from here. He gained an acting career after he returned from service in World War Two. He won the Medal of Honor and a host of other awards due to his sharp-shooting skills and risk of self to help his comrades.

His story has a Hollywood cast. He learned to shoot well because his impoverished family needed him to be able to hunt game. His siblings were placed with orphanages when his parents could not care for them.

Far from an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Chris Hemsworth, he was a small, wiry guy--perhaps resembling the "before" Steve Parker in the first Captain America movie, seen as too small to serve. He was declined permission to enlist at first. But ultimately, he turned out to be a war hero, and became a western movie star later.Nothing in life is easy, though--he understandably had post-traumatic stress disorder from seeing so much war. He died in middle age after a spotty life.

"Red Badge of Courage" was seen as his best dramatic role. He looks so young in that film, though it was shot some years after World War Two. I liked the way the movie caught the fog and horror of war without being too gory for kids to see the movie. Audie Murphy did do a good acting job in the role. It made me want to re-read the book.

This books-from-childhood idea reminds me that they are removing Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from an award, due to racially insensitive remarks in her novels. I sometimes think that all awards and schools and parks and streets should be named after streets or colors or other similar things.

This morning I walked the Chisholm Trail, then went to Weight Watchers, then walked in Shawnee Park, then went to church, then ate fried catfish and green beans. I walked in Glendover Park after lunch. I liked seeing a Red-Bellied Woodpecker forage with its impossibly long tongue.

Last night my wife's car got a sudden flat as we drove home in the dark from the movie. Thankfully, it was not a dangerous blow-out. We limped the car to a QT convenience store and called AAA. In another time, I would have simply changed the tire myself. But when I saw the better jack the AAA guy had than the car jack, was pleased that we called for roadside assistance.Today as her tire was being fixed, I picked up my wife at Goodyear. We went to Kroger shopping together. This went quickly and well. Tonight we ate boiled shrimp and fusilli, prepared simply. It was very good.

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