June 16th, 2018

abstract butterfly

gentle lhasas

June came on a bit warmer than usual. Today a few stray dark clouds brought the temperature down a bit. I took Beatrice for a walk in the park.
She said "hello" to two Lhasa Apsos, whose owner said "be gentle, boys" to them as they interacted with Beatrice.  The 30 minute walk took 55 minutes. My wife picked up our dry cleaning, so I moved my folded shirts from the bags to the shelves.

Last night we ate chicken enchiladas verde at Holy Frijoles. After work Friday I walked the Chisholm Trail. Two Mississippi Kites flew overhead.
I composed a new song called "Rainy Day Indoors" and sent it off to Cerebral Mind netlabel, which is putting together a compilation.

I am disappointed that the thistle seed I tried instead of the assorted bird seed is not a hit. This disappoints me because (a) it cost 7 dollars instead of 4; (b) I have so much of it; and (c) I violated the "ain't broke/don't fix it" rule.

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