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June 1st, 2018

busy busy bee

This proved to be a busy week of deadlines and activity.  The weather this year warmed things up a bit more than the usual late May. Fortunately, we lack the drought that plagues other parts of our region.

I walk in parks many mornings, almost every lunch hour and most evenings. This year we did not take a 3-day Memorial Day weekend because my work required my attention. My wife, meanwhile, received some good work news, after a bit of uncertainty.

At lunch today I walked in a shady woods in Breckinridge Park in Richardson. I liked the male and female Indigo Bunting I saw. But the most memorable thing was the spaniel. A spaniel--perhaps a Springer--had been let loose in the woods. The dog ran from tree to tree, chasing crows and squirrels. The dog found his life joyful. Perhaps he experienced too much joy--his owner came and re-leashed him.

I must work both days this weekend. It's part of my job that this happens sometimes. But tomorrow I will have the morning off. I hope to get out during the cool of the day.

I finished Spencer Ellsworth's "Shadow Sun Seven" and started "Falling Leaves" by Stefan Mohamed. I'm enjoying it so far.

I had a delightful call with my niece this week. She's a good egg. It's hard to believe that my two surviving eldest nephews are 24 and about-to-turn-25.

The news is full of people who should have listened to Fred Rogers a bit better.
A radio piece about the local boy who won the national spelling bee used a brass rendition of "flight of the bumblebee" as an ending bumper.

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