May 26th, 2018

abstract butterfly

17 minute rally

The week stayed busy and the holiday weekend will be busier than originally hoped. I did manage to slip in a walk in the three local parks: Allen Station Park, Glendover Park and Green Park.  For the Green Park stop, I rode my bicycle to get there--a majestic 17 minute round trip. It felt good to get back on my bike again, even for a short jaunt.

Of the three stops, Glendover Park proved the birdiest.  I liked the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, because its crown was yellow-as-advertised. My county species count is up to 96, after I saw Mississippi Kites and Cliff Swallows at Bob Woodruff Park on Thursday evening. I also saw a very calm Copperhead snake in the shade. We left each other alone and kept our cool.

We originally intended to get tickets to the baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Kansas City Royals. My wife has an ex-co-worker who is very ill, though, and the weather turned blazing hot. We turned it on at home instead.

I listened to radio and read stories about the WWII war hero from rural northeast Texas named Audie Murphy.  He was rejected by the Marines and Navy before getting accepted by the army. He did all these brave things during an era when he was between age 17 and age 21. I cannot imagine going through the trauma he and thousands upon thousands folks faced in that era.

We ate at Panera tonight where I had the chicken noodle soup. That soup was very good, but I would have preferred more and larger bits of chicken.

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