May 7th, 2018

abstract butterfly

quiet sunday

Sunday I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Orlando Drive. I went to Weight Watchers, where I was a pound down, bringing my current total loss to 103 pounds. I went to church, where kids 12-14 or so put on a play called "Back to the Cross". The musical featured a time machine theme.  The kids threw themselves into the songs, with no mumbling. The kids were better than the material, though some of the song-writing was pretty good. The play was roughly 2 to 3 songs too long, depending on how one counts such things.

Sunday afternoon I walked in our two local parks, Glendover Park and Green Park. I saw another Yellow Warbler foraging in the trees. I listened to a podcast called the Kindness Project, a father and his teen daughter who talk about kindness.

Sunday evening we watched "Call the Midwife",. My wife made a pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza that turned out very tasty. I turned in early, and rose early this morning.

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abstract butterfly

five shilling movie

I am a goodish bit better today, but not quite recovered. I ate a 12" vegetable sandwich on a wheat roll for lunch. I ate grilled chicken for dinner.

I saw my first Dickcissel of the Spring tonight in Oak Point Park in Plano, bringing my Collin County species count up to 80 for this year.

I watched the Robert Donat/Margaret Leighton version of "The Winslow Boy". I like that movie and its modern remake.

Today was a hot day.

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