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April 18th, 2018


Tuesday I made two of four family-matters-related calls I hope to make this week.

During the first part of the morning, I visited my primary care doctor. I like Dr. Johnston, who listens and watches my lab results for anomalies, and sorted out the one time I needed a more complex procedure that I needed the procedure, resulting in an upturn in the long-run of my health. The upturn was preceded by a months-long difficult-to-explain post-procedure downturn, which he helped me address.

My doctor moved his practice to a new building last year. The old building was one of those six story brutalist buildings that feels a bit old-fashioned in a 1960s way. It had valet parking. The new building is a new international style building that feels shiny and modern and new. In addition to valet parking, it had self-parking with a fancy digital pay-machine. I wonder how many years' difference in construction dates the two buildings have--it is possible that the "new" building is only a few years newer.

My annual physical went smoothly. I was pleased to learn that my insurance company has returned to the halcyon days of "one free physical per year". After I got back to my office, the lab results started flowing onto the little on-line portal the clinic maintains for such postings. So far all the readings look to be in the normal range. I think my physician has already written his recap, which I will read once I log into the site.

We had a little celebration at the office for my partner who is becoming "of counsel" and scaling his hours back a bit, as the first step to a full retirement someday. He and I founded our law firm 18 years ago.  We have had a great time of it.  I had skipped breakfast, so I had the "points" left to eat a macaroon and a small sliver of giant chocolate cookie.

This morning I wrote out payment for an invoice from Arkansas. Yesterday I mailed checks to an accountant. I got an email from Ireland, and watched a video of a dry river bed in Arizona turning into a rushing river.
I read an essay providing a non-appreciation of the "manic pixie dream girl" genre of cinema criticism.

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