March 20th, 2018

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Ostrom and the commons

After work, I walked in Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I listened to the Restart Radio Podcast. The Restart Project is a London-based non-profit that focuses on encouraging folks to re-use things, especially electronics and electrics, rather than dispose of them. I have followed this non-profit's doings for some time, since I ran across it some months ago. But I first listened to its podcast tonight.

Tonight the podcast dealt with (
Nobel Prize winning political economist Elinor Ostrom and her thinking on the commons. This resonated for me, and made me want to learn more. Lots of things I admire were influenced by this thinking, but I am less familiar with it.

I like this summary of "Ostrom's Law": "A resource arrangement that works in practice can work in theory." I have lived by a version of this saying for all my life, without ever knowing it was a law.

I then listened to the most current episode of the podcast, about something called Afro-Futurism. I found this also a very interesting program.

I saw my first Purple Martin of the year tonight. The weather was warm. I had a good day at work, and some good discussions with co-workers.

I got one bill payment mailed off today and pretended that was progress.

I like Eastern Bluebirds.

Kix cereal, skim milk
three soft chicken tacos
pork loin, salad and couscous

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