January 24th, 2018

abstract butterfly

puffed kamut

Tuesday I got a call with good news from my wife's step-mother.  The news covers two school shootings. The more lethal one is in Kentucky. In Italy, Texas, an hour or two from here, a classmate shot and wounded a 15-year-old student. She was hit with six bullets, but appears so far to be pulling through after being airlifted from Dallas. . I liked that the superintendent of schools reported how she told him  to tell all the devastated kids back in Italy (pronounced "It-lee") that if she can get through this, they can, too.  Her nickname, I read, is Cricket. We ate ravioli and watched "This is Us" and "Chicago Med".

This morning I tried Puffed Kamut and skim milk breakfast cereal. It was not bad, in a subdued kind of way.

At lunchtime Tuesday I ate soft tacos and walked in Breckinridge Park where I saw a lovely Harris's Sparrow.

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