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January 11th, 2018

return of the cold

The promised descent from nearly warm to nearly freezing arrived. The possibiity of snow or sleet failed to materialize. I walked at Noon in Breckinridge Park, where the temperature fell by 9 Fahrenheit degrees in thirty minutes.

I worked a solid day today. I ate breakfast cereal and skim milk for breakfast, a pretzel dog for lunch, and chicken pho with Summer rolls for dinner.

I like the Weight Watchers social media platform Connect. It's a positive place.

I'm enjoying reading "The Corroding Empire" by Johan Kalsi.

I stopped for gasoline on the way home. When I stood in the 20 miles per hour wind pumping, I felt a strong wind
flowing through my clothes.
We watched "Chicago Fire". Beatrice liked it when I covered her in a doggie blanket in her Misssissippi bed.

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