December 20th, 2017

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waxing eloquently

I am very busy at work, due to an unexpected bit of rush added to my schedule. Today I felt very much in rhythm and got a lot done. Today is the last day of Autumn. It was foggy and cloudy all day. I walked at lunch in Heritage Park in Sachse. I n oticed that the adjoining field to the park is being developed into something--perhaps another school.  I was disappointed to see some brush between the two lots needlessly dug up. But the now-barer trees were filled with birds.

I normally pride myself a little on knowing the vast majority of the birds of our region. This took me a few years to learn. But today I had one of those "which is it?" moments, trying to discern what kind of hawk I saw on a tree. I think I have settled on Cooper's Hawk.

I worked until nearly 6. I signed up on-line for the local doc-in-a-box, CareNow. Theyr called me and said they could see me in about 2 1/2 hours. As I drove home, I got another call that they could take me nearly immediately. I drove over, and only had to wait for a few moments. The waiting room television played "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Soon a woman ushered into an exam room. She quizzed me on my reason for being there. She was very pleasant. She took my blood pressure. It was a bit lower than normal. I have an odd history with blood pressure. Mine was high for years, until a spot of surgery removed something that was causing the whole problem. Ever since, I run normal or low-normal.  I even get orthostatic hypotension sometimes, the thing in which one falls down because one has stood up.

My doctor was Dr. Lee. She was great. Sometimes doc-in-a-box facilities are looked upon as lesser. But in the 30-some-odd years I have used them, I have always been happy with the care I get. I got to my regular doctor for most things. But quick things like colds or tonight's visit are perfect for a doc-in-a-box.

I explained to Dr. Lee that I needed help with my ears. She arranged for a nurse to come help me with them, and provided some excellent tips on preventative care. The nurse came in and helped me with it. The nurse was really great. The job was done in a few moments.  The room I thought was silent was filled with ambient noise.

Once the job was done, the doctor diagnosed a mild infection and prescribed a curative medicine. I also got my flu shot. The cost for everything was extremely reasonable.

I stopped by Wal-Greens, picked up the needed things. The medicine cost a bit, but only a bit, more than a bit. I headed to Chicken Express for dinner, as my wife was out for a holiday dinner with a former co-worker.  For some curious reason, when I asked for a roll instead of the set of hush puppies that accompany a fish dinner, the fellow brought me four rolls. I ate one, and packed three.

In other news, I got a few Christmas cards out.  I ordered a few more to send, as my wife depleted our stock for her workmates. I got emails that various gifts are shipped or arising. Now I am watching "A Christmas Carol"--the 1938 version. I looked up the email of a friend with a birthday. I thought about how much I miss the old days of active LiveJournal participation.

Cold weather comes to us as the Winter arrives. I must look up whether it is tomorrow or Friday that it comes.

cereal and skim milk
2 slices pizza, broccoli and carrots
3 pieces fried fish, roll, french fries

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