November 30th, 2017

abstract butterfly

chipping away

I'm still reading Rod Val Moore's "Brittle Star". I'm about  44% done. It's a good book, and not a difficult read. But I seem to be taking it in mini-Milky-Way portions.

One of my partners and I went to lunch at Gloria's, where we each had a large bowl of chicken soup. Any day with a good, huge bowl of chicken soup is a good day.

I watched the local team win a football game on television against a team only slightly more mediocre than the local team. My self-esteem rose.

I was pleased last night to learn that, as  I believed, the cost to get a cell phone with better performance specs than my current model is far less than what I paid 3 1/2 years  ago.  I wish telephones, like Debian or Ubuntu, came smart with long term support.

I ate several bananas tonight.

breakfast: cereal and skim millk
lunch: chicken soup and tortilla chips
dinner: smoked turkey, sweet potato, salad

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