November 20th, 2017

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hypocrites and 6 acres

I like the way that our days are a bit chilly in the morning, and pleasant in the afternoon. Since the time change, I've gotten up early enough that I can usually take a short park walk prior to work. It's a simple, fleeting thing--fifteen or twenty five minutes at one small city park or another.

Today I walked in Schell Park in Plano. There a small wooded area surrounds a tiny creek. On either side of this are sports fields and schools. Lots of finches, sparrows, jays and doves hang out in that little riparian section.

I got a very great deal of stuff done today. During the lunch hour, I walked in one of my favorite parks.  Travis Farm Park is just an open field with a couple of trees. The park size is 24 acres. It's named for the Travis family who farmed this area until this area was turned into residential housing. I like it because it is quiet and often unused when I stop there and it has things to see.  Today I saw a Red-Bellied Woodpecker with a nut in its beak, three Eastern Bluebirds in a tree, and a Northern Mockingbird on a bare branch. I have to walk it a good bit to get enough steps to meet my intended goal, but it's a handy place to spend part of a lunch hour.

After work, I drove to a Subway sandwich shop. My wife was out this evening with our friend Malika, gathering things for an upcoming dinner this week. I watched "The Orville" on the cable television on-demand channel, as I missed the episode on Thursday. Then I watched an episode of the series "Lucky Dog", which I recently discovered. This episode told the tale of a 36 percent German Shepherd mix who got send to the shelter for the sin of not being 100 percent German Shepherd. I liked that the "host bio" for the show host proclaimed that he was taught by experience rather than formal education, but that his skill is not some special intuition but just the power of learning by trial and error.

Today the news discussed a New York Times senior political reporter alleged to have harassed female colleagues. I was disappointed to hear that PBS show-host Charlie Rose was also accused of harasser behavior, and  issued a written apology asserting that he thought the women's feelings were mutual. We are nearer the beginning than the end of this time of disappointing revelations. Meanwhile, Roy Moore continues to run for office despite being exposed as at a minimum very creepy.  Also, two legislators in different states were caught in the predictable traps--one anti-gay-rights legislator was caught in a compromised position with another man on his office table, while an Oklahoma "family values" legislator pleaded guilty to paying a minor for the promise of sexual interaction. The more things change, the more some hypocrisies stay the same.

I like that on Thanksgiving week my phone is silent but my mind is alive.

cereal and skim milk
3 slices pepperoni buffet pizza, pickles, carrots, broccoli
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