November 12th, 2017

abstract butterfly

first gold, first teal

In my Saturday night dream, my late mother was still alive.  A doctor told me she had been in remission for five years. In real life, no such remission happened. She died a bit over two years after the diagnosis.

I woke up early and put sunflower hearts out for the backyard birds. Then I headed off to Weight Watchers. I stopped to walk the Chisholm Trail off Rainier Drive in Plano.  I saw newly-arrived ducks--American Wigeon, Blue-Winged Teal and Lesser Scaup.  I also saw lots of songbird species.

At Weight Watchers I was down 8/10th of a pound. Several people spoke glowingly of using cake mix, two bananas,and canned pumpkin to make pumpkin spice muffins.  One woman described how on Thanksgiving Day she and her "little kiddo" do a crafts-type project, putting leaves on a picture of a tree populated with writings of things to be thankful over.

After Weight Watchers, I walked in Oak Point Park. I saw my first Dark-Eyed Juncos of the Autumn. A man and his son fished. They told me they had not caught anything. Two women saw me watching Carolina Chickadees, and asked me to point them out to them.

The Way Service I attend at church features a different seminary student as the speaker. Today the seminary student failed to appear. I wonder if he had car trouble, stagefright, a failure to wake up in time, or simply poor timing on the drive. One of the fellows who attends every Sunday voluteered to do the sermon. He did a talk without notes he obviously had done before. He was a lawyer and probably some kind of lay minister. He did a very good talk on the Saul/Paul Damascus story.

After I got lunch at Chicken Express, I walked in Suncreek Park and the adjacent Trail at the Woods. I saw lots of woodpeckers, my first American Goldfinches of the Autumn, and a pair of Carolina Wrens.

In the early afternoon, I went to Classic Cuts for a haircut. The woman who cut my hair did a good job.

I took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park. She enjoyed it.

I listened on the radio and then watched on television as the local sports team was defeated in a football contest.

In the evening, I read the novel I'm reading, did laundry and watched television.

cereal and skim milk
2 pieces of catfish, corn, roll, green beans
pork loin chop, mashed potatoes

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)