November 10th, 2017

abstract butterfly

lunch at the club

My two law partners and I went to the little cafe at Firewheel Golf Course for lunch. I like its quiet, down-to-earth feel. We stopped by the little shop on our way in.  One of the golfers there called my elder partner "coach", as my partner coached golf, basketball and football during his prior career as a school teacher and then school principal.  At lunch, he told us about his Summer during school working in Mission Viejo in southern California. He had spent a weekend in Ensenada in Baja.  His job came with the perk of free green fees. He was a fine golfer, who qualified for the US Junior Open and played on a golf team in college. Now his grandson is a great high school golfer, who may get a golf scholarship to university.

My younger partner went to Texas Christian University. We discussed whether its football team would defeat the football team of the University of Oklahoma.

Work was busy today. I got a fair bit done. I got a chance to walk in Schell Park in Plano before work. I wish I had gotten another walk in this evening. Because I lunched with my partners, I have only gotten 4500 steps in today. I try to get 5750 or more steps each weekday, and then get lots more steps on the weekend.

We ate tonight at Emily's, a little Italian place in Plano at Hedgecoxe and Alma. We got a great meal in this very down-to-earth place.

I'm enjoying reading the novel "Brittle Star" by Rod Val Moore. So far I like its light-hearted SF fable quality--fun in the way the television show "The Orville" is fun, but written a bit less broadly.

cereal and skim milk
hot dog and vegetable soup with a fruit cup
turkey sandwich

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