October 31st, 2017

abstract butterfly

song sparrow on Halloween

I turned right instead of left on the way home to avoid traffic, but found more traffic and ultimately found myself limping back home on side roads. But I learned about a new small park in Richardson and enjoyed listening to talk on the radio.

My wife works out on Tuedays. So I covered the Halloween traffic on my own. So far we have hit 12. It is only 8:15 p.m. Perhaps we will get a few teenagers in the late night action. I have Kit-Kats, M & Ms, Mounds and Almond Joy.  So far, princesses are the preponderance of costumes, though twelve is a small sample space.

When I got home, Beatrice and I cuddled and rolled about. She's a spirited dog.

The weather was perfect today--overcast and slightly chilly, with no wind.  I walked in Bradfield Park in Garland at lunch. I saw my first Song Sparrow of the Autumn. I love sparrows--what would the prairie be without Winter sparrows? It would be far less, is the answer. It would be less enchanting.

Breakfast: cereal and skim milk
Lunch: grilled chicken, green beans and a roll
Dinner: turkey sandwich and baked chips and no candy

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)