September 5th, 2017

abstract butterfly

oriole millville

I picked up some breakfast cereal at the McKinney Aldi yesterday. I like the store brands at Aldi. This morning I tried something called Millville Crispy Oats. Like multi-grain Cheerios, it is a lower-sugar way to do a cereal that still has a hint of sweetness about it. It tasted good--perhaps better than multi-grain Cheerios.

I had a busy work day today. This evening I had a conference call on a hobby matter, followed by drafting on that matter. I got an email for the second phase of an interesting additional project.

I wrote a former law partner to make sure he was not in the path of the Texas hurricane. He was okay. Now a new hurricane is on the way to Florida. Here, meanwhile a cold front dropped the temperature a pleasant 10 degrees.

I walked in Hoblitzelle Park after work. I saw a lovely Baltimore Oriole atop a tree.

breakfast: crispy oats and skim milk
lunch: 3 soft chicken tacos
dinner: grilled chicken and salad

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