September 2nd, 2017

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full tank

I got to experience the last vestige of the Great Imaginary Gasoline Crisis.  I woke at 6 a.m. and read of a gas station nearby with gasoline, amid others sold out. I got there a couple of minutes later. There were long lines. Then the station, a Racetrac,  ran out of gas. An employee waved his arms in the dark--no more no more.

My wife and I drove to work together today. We dropped her at her office, and I drove her car to my office. Later, she caught an Uber home because her work let out early.  In contrast, I worked until 6 or so. We went to dinner at Spazo and sat outside. I had the salmon. My wife had a pasta.

I finally got gasoline afterward. The first place I went was out of gasoline. But the next place had gasoline and no waiting. I was glad to be able to remedy my near-empty tank. The 7-11 in question is one where I often stop for gas. Usually, the pumps are anything but cronuwded.

This was a busy work week. Tonight I watched a great PBS documentary on the director Richard Linklater.

Breakfast: cereal and skim milk
Lunch: one slice cheese pizza and a salad
Dinner: salmon with almonds and chia, quinoa with a lobster sauce, vegetables, salad,

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abstract butterfly

advice about Mustang Creek Trail

I originally intended to get an early start and drive off to some semi-rural outdoors place today. But this morning I found myself more tired than I expected to be.  It was well into the morning before I took Beatrice for a walk we enjoyed.  My wife and I went for a sandwich at Noon. Later, my wife and I moved old kitchen table we have used for the past twenty years into a front room before we donate it away.  Our new kitchen table was put in a bit before 2. The two fellows who delivered it were friendly, competent and helpful. I like the look of the new table.

We got the old table 20 years ago in a used-furniture place in Venice, California. It did good service, but its chairs need replacing. So we got a new, simple round wooden table.

I watched some university-level American football  on television, including the game in which the University of Texas was upset by the Maryland Terrapins.  I like football season because I like hearing all the names of the little high schools and small universities in the less-attention-grabbing conferences.

In the later afternoon, I rode my bicycle on the Watters Branch trail. I covered 8 miles in a bit under 2 hours. When I paused to watch birds at a small pond, a man rode up on his bicycle and asked me if I was a birder. We traded stories about the herons and egrets at the pond. He mentioned two Green Herons that live at that pond. He showed me a great video he took of a Bobcat.  He told me about good birding on the Mustang Creek Trail. I told him about the bird walks at Connemara and the Heard Natural Science Center. He quoted Thoreau un-ironically, which is, I am sad to say, more difficult for me to do. He introduced himself as Jeremy. Nice fellow. Perhaps I'll run into him again on the trails one day.  On my return bicycle route, I saw the two Green Herons.

My wife and I went to Holy Frijoles in Plano tonight. We each ordered a different special. My wife's order, brisket soft tacos, tasted great. My special was good also.  We stopped by PetSmart for dog food, a dog treat from a pet bakery and pill pockets.

Now  we are watching an Inspector Lynley mystery.

breakfast: Grain berry cereal and skim milk
lunch: roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread and baked chips
dinner: shrimp encebelldo (spelled there encevollado), 1/2 of a brisket taco, bean soup, chips, and grilled vegetables

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