August 11th, 2017

abstract butterfly

august 10 quick take

Last night I wore out on the second evening of the Princess Diana documentary. I watched sports instead. I saw immature Eastern Bluebirds in Timber Narrows Park.
I remembered to wish an old friend 'happy birthday'.

The feeder crew yesterday featured 8 House Sparrows, 2 White-Wing Doves, and a Blue Jay

breakfast: organic frosted flakes and skim milk
lunch: turkey sandwich with baked chips
dinner: round steak, blue potatoes, and salad.
abstract butterfly

do the Frog

I walked after work for an hour in Allen Station Park.  We went for dinner at Firewater, a nice small restaurant in our town. I liked the air conditioning and the excellent service.  We talked about a potential trip to Oklahoma. My wife described looking into getting us concert tickets, but that the standing-room-only condition of the show combined with its astronomic price deterred her. I often find that pricing for shows is the inverse of my interest in shows. I suppose I have a gift for enjoying less popular bands.

In the more popular musical category, the restaurant stereo began to play Seals and Crofts' "Summer Breeze".  My wife recalled the song playing when her step-mother drove her to the airport as she departed for university for the first time. I remembered the song as being a standard at parties I attended when I was 13 or 14. The song selections at those parties consistently were eclectic.  Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly",Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen", Three Dog Night's "Pieces of April", Steely Dan's "Reelin' in the Years" all come to mind. "Superfly" inspired folks to perform a dance called "The Frog". The Frog involved a lot of springing about from one's haunches upward, with suitably frog-like kicks.

I hope to enjoy the outdoors tomorrow morning.

breakfast: purple corn flakes and skim milk
lunch: grilled chicken breast and wing, green beans, a roll
dinner: tomato basil flatbread, a piece of chicken flatbread, salad

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