July 28th, 2017

abstract butterfly

competition and chaos

I like USB drives.  They used to cost so much. Now  they cost so little. I woke at 4 a.m.  I listened to the podcast called "This Week in Computer Hardware". They reviewed a new CPU called the Ryzen 3. I am pleased to see its manufacturer, AMD, create a competitive new line of chips. I thought the time when Intel controlled the x86 chip market to be bad for innovation. I favor competition. I wish an ARM chip maker would standardize an ARM chip a bit better. The Raspberry Pi's success indicates to me that a standardized ARM unit could be a huge hit.

After work, we tried to go to a new place called Mio Nonna. It was too crowded. We had a similar experience at the local Bonefish Grill. But Texas Land and Cattle worked out well for us instead. My soft drink glass leaked a bit, creating a miniature flash flood.

The replacement of the White House Chief of Staff this week added to the political chaos. I find, too, the lack of any coherent plan as to health care by the politicians to be unfortunate.  It is not my field, but a field I know a few things about. I could write a better plan than the ones I have seen lately.  That is not saying much.

breakfast: gorilla munch cereal
lunch: turkey sandwich and baked potato chips
dinner: smoked sirloin, grilled shrimp, dry baked sweet potato, dry salad

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