June 29th, 2017

abstract butterfly

turning point

This morning I felt as if I had slept too much over the past few days. But at 1 p.m. I suddenly felt that I am getting much better. This evening I took a walk on the Chisholm Trail.

Breakfast: toasted rice cereal and skim milk
Lunch: three shredded chicken soft taco
Dinner: grilled chicken, biscuit, corn and green beans

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)
abstract butterfly

flying from pasture to pasture

Another day of feeling steadily better.  I ate Weetabix cereal and skim milk this morning. It is pretty stiff-upper-lip stuff. I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano after work. Cattle egrets flew overhead.  I wake early tomorrow. for fun reasons. We are packed and ready.

breakfast: weetabix and skim miik
lunch: grilled chicken, green beans and a roll
dinner: turkey sandwich and chips

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)