June 22nd, 2017

abstract butterfly

don't shoot me

A tropical storm called Cindy hit south Louisiana. Sometimes storms like that bring us welcome soft rain. Sometimes they turn north too soon. This storm appears to be the latter. When I drove east to my office in Garland, the sky turned overcast with what may have been the westernmost clouds of the storm heading west. But none of them turned into rain. Perhaps later rain will come.

At lunch I walked in One Eleven Ranch Park. I like this park because it is open spaces under large trees. I saw a large raptor slowly flying overhead. It landed. I saw the bird was an immature Red-Tailed Hawk.

After work, I walked in Bob Woodruff Park. Some kids were having an archery lesson. Six targets were lined up. The kids stood at a range of perhaps 15 feet. I cut a wide swath around this festivity. Even so, when I was nearly 70 light-years away, a polite young woman pointed out I might theoretically be in a place for a stray arrow. I thanked her for her caution.  I suppose society must bear heavy toll to ensure its national arrow defense is intact.

Now we are watching Tom Courtenay in "Billy Liar' It's my first time to see this well-known film.

I finished one major project at 8:30 Pacific on June 22 (though I was working in Garland)  and kept working hard on others.

Breakfast toasted wheatfuls and skim milk
Lunch: turkey sandwich and chips
Dinner: salmon, sweet potato and roasted asparagus

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