June 12th, 2017

abstract butterfly

Keeping Tabs

I like that e-book reader virtual bookmarks help one see how many pages one read at each sitting. The difference from book to book catches my interest. I liked Faith Colburn's "Prairie Landscapes", but I read small passages each time. I used 25 bookmarks on a bit under 400 pages. Now I am reading a light science-fiction novel called "An Alien Perspective" by Roxanne Barbour.  This is a self-published work i obtained on the Smashwords website. I just placed my second book mark--on page 130.  I am still in the midst of Mark Dennis' book about birding one's local patch. I am on roughly page 100 of that book after 7 bookmarks.  I suspect I am like many people in crusing through light fiction and taking a bit more time with non-fiction.

I like tracking things a bit. I use the last.fm service that "scrobbles" (i.e., keeps a record of) what songs I listen to on my computer or on my cell phone. Yesterday I spent some time trying to figure out how to get it to scrobble music from the site Pandora.  This is because the Firefox browser version I use no longer has an effective scrobbling extension. I hoped to use the software VLC that I use for listening to other music.
My plan was to stream Pandora through VLC for easy tracking. I did not get my plan to work.

On paper, I dislike the way that Google tracks everything in an effort to advertise to people. I like that since I switched to the web search engine duckduckgo.com, on-line advertising seems to "know less" about me.  But my approach is imperfectly principled. When I need directions, I call up a Google map for navigation. I tell Google my personal whereabouts by using the Google Fit app which "ups my game" (or is it "apps my game"?) for getting exercise.  I keep a non-anonymous weblog. I have a listed telephone number.  I share what I am listening to via a website that tracks it.

I lament, a bit, the decline of the traditional telephone book.  Though some people kept unlisted numbers, in general telephone books were good ways to find people.  The lack of cell phone telephone books is unfortunate. I like that I can find someone on facebook sometimes. I dislike that folks disappear from my weblog friends list and I never know of them again.

In some ways, we can track folks better and less well than ever before.

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abstract butterfly

train ride

I took the train to downtown Dallas this afternoon for a business matter. I like that the train ride from Garland Station to West End Station is only an half an hour ride. I also liked the swatches of wetlands near White Rock Lake Station.

I disliked the fellow who drove by West End Station and cat-called at a female pedestrian. I admit that part of my distaste came from the fact that he was one of those early-20s former-frat-boy-looking guys in an open-air Jeep-like car. But I would have found it distasteful in any event.

At 9 p.m. we took Beatrice for a walk, which she relished. Now we are watching a re-run of "Grantchester".

Breakfast: Kix cereal and skim milk
Lunch: 2 slices of cheese pizza
Dinner: cooked chicken breast, salad and quinoa.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)