May 15th, 2017

abstract butterfly

broke girls in candle gleam

I got up early, after an odd dream not worth recording. I ate 1/2 cup of breakfast cereal with 1/2 cup of skim milk. I threw Beatrice's ball for her. For lunch, bought an issue of Linux Format magazine. I dined on a turkey sandwich with baked chips.  Then I walked around a few minutes before returning to work.

After work, I stopped by Allen Station Park. I walked and listened to the Linux Action News podcast. I saw roughly ten species of  bird. At home, we had baked salmon and acorn squash, with a sweet potato.

Today a  number of things that interested me, including:
--the cancellation of the television show "2 Broke Girls" seemed to me a good thing. I thought it had two solid actresses whose abilities were wasted in sub-par plots. But in the way of the internet, some folks dissent.
--a friend on another social media made one of those broad, sweeping generalities on an issue with which I disagree. But I decided not to reply, because even on the internet I suppose I can disagree with someone and yet just listen (or read) and not try to "set them straight".
--I bought a DRM-free sci-fi ebook by Leonard Richardson called "Constellation Games", published by Candle & Gleam, a small press I learned about from Kevin Beynon's website about DRMfree sources.
--a Grant Wood litho was on Antiques Roadshow. It rekindled my desire to visit Iowa someday
--the news is full of a security gaffe by President Trump. I am concerned.
--the latest mass ransomware computer hacking problems gives rise to concerns about the US NSA, which apparently can hack other folks' systems, but cannot keep sufficient security to keep the technology secret; of the dominance of the Microsoft operating system and of closed source operating systems in general; and the problem of so much information being stored on-line.
--I was glad to see Callista Flockhart return for this week's Supergirl episode on television
--The dental assistant called today to remind me of my 7.30 a.m. appointment tomorrow. I enjoy getting up early. I hope I can sort out getting up in time.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)