May 11th, 2017

abstract butterfly

500 words and bananas

I walked before work in Allen Station Park. I liked the two Cottontail Rabbits. I saw my first Eastern Woods Pewee of the year, high in a a tree, calling "pewee!".

At lunch I walked in Travis Farm Park.  I saw an American Kestrel hovering in mid-air. 

I worked into the early evening. At home, I read a bit today of Prairie Landscapes by Faith A. Colburn. I like it so far. It reads as if its source material was either a weblog or a newsletter--lots of 500 word chapters.  The good thing about writing is that its origin is irrelevant--it's just whether it's a good read.

breakfast: organic corn flakes and skim milk
lunch: turkey sandwich and chips
dinner: 4 cheese ravioli
dessert: skinny cow and too many bananas

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